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When all is said and done, European venture capital as an asset class is judged on its performance. In this regard, European venture capital continues to make huge progress. According to the latest benchmarks from Cambridge Associates, European venture capital now outperforms all of its key comparables on a one, three, five and 10-year horizon. Not only that, but the spread has increased versus US venture capital and also European private equity. The relative returns versus a European public market index are also stark. European venture capital continues to prove it can be a highly attractive asset class for capital allocators to build exposure. That is if they can access the right managers, given the concentration of the greatest returns in a small number of outperforming managers.

Horizon pooled return (net) by fund index, June 2020


  • Europe Developed Venture Capital Index
  • Cambridge Associates US Venture Capital Index
  • Europe Developed Private Equity Index
  • MSCI Europe Index
Data is as of 30 June 2020.