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Climate action accounts for roughly 29% of all capital invested in purpose-driven tech companies since 2016 cumulatively. The extent to which European tech investors are embracing climate action, affordable and clean energy, and sustainable communities is increasing and is reflected in the pace and scale of investment in the last two years, nearly doubling the capital invested between the three years in 2016-2018. Interestingly, although less than $500M has been invested in SDGs targeting life on land since 2016, the capital invested in this segment since 2019 has more than doubled since that of three years prior.

Capital invested ($M) in purpose-driven European tech companies per SDG addressed, 2015-2017 versus 2018-2020

Dataset: >$500M invested cumulatively


  • 2016-2018
  • 2019-2020
2020 is annualised based on data up to September 2020.